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The Brisbane Women’s Club has launched a new $20,000 scholarship for students at The University of Queensland’s Women’s College.

The scholarship enables the Women’s College to provide annual financial assistance to an outstanding Women’s College applicant who previously may not have been able to accept or maintain her place at College due to financial circumstances.

Mrs Mendy Campbell of the Brisbane Women’s Club said Ms Laura Riddell would have her financial burden eased, enabling her to focus on her studies.

Head of Women’s College Adjunct Professor Iyla Davies said the scholarship allowed the College to accept the best and brightest applicants.

“This scholarship means we can offer places to women who not only will blossom in the College community but who will enrich other residents’ lives,”Adjunct Professor Iyla Davies said.

The Women’s College was founded in 1914 and provides a vibrant intellectual community through quality academic, residential and pastoral care for rural and regional Queensland women.

The College’s mission is to increase students’ understanding of the world and to foster educated women leaders within that world.

The Brisbane Women’s Club was founded in 1908 by Margaret Ann Ogg (1865-1953). She co-founded the Queensland Women’s Electoral League in 1903, which was instrumental in obtaining the Right to Vote for Queensland Women in 1905.

She became known as a pioneer of Women’s Rights. In 1908 she founded the Women’s Progressive Club, which later became the Brisbane Women’s Club.

The Brisbane Women’s Club supports women’s social and cultural needs through the establishment of the Brisbane Women’s Club Charitable Trust.