Our members are what drives BWC to achieve great things.   You will be part of a professional and respected organisation that is dedicated to improving the lives of local women.

BWC Membership benefits include:

  • Joining a community of like-minded people who want to be a positive change for the Women of Brisbane.
  • Connecting with a diverse group of local people who predominantly reside in Brisbane and have a shared interest in supporting and promoting each other.
  • Accessing discounted tickets to attend professional, social and fundraising events for 12 months; and the ability to invite your guests for an additional fee to BWC events.
  • Gaining professional skills to help advance your own goals.
  • Receiving member deals and benefits throughout the year.
  • Hearing from inspiring local women from all walks of life.
  • Supporting local charities helping women in need through fundraising, donating goods and volunteering.
  • Leveraging your donated money to contribute to the BWC Charitable Giving Program to provide tangible change for women in our local community.
  • Increasing your own profile with a professional photo and assistance refining your own personal ‘elevator pitch’ for use at networking events.
  • Building governance skills and experience through opportunities to join the BWC Board and BWC Committees.
  • Voting rights on club matters and shaping the future for BWC as a legacy organisation.
  • Learning more about diversity issues and being able to promote them in your personal network and work environments.
  • Creating ‘me’ time to step away from family, friends and work commitments so you can come back refreshed.
  • Leaving your mark as a member of an organisation that contributes to local change.
  • Championing one of Queensland’s oldest and most respected organisations supporting women and influencing change for women in Brisbane.


Joining BWC costs $65 + GST per year ($71.50).

Membership Fees are processed via Credit Card, Debit Card or Paypal (all through the Paypal portal).

If you are unable to pay via the above methods please contact

Membership is an annual subscription that renews automatically every 12 months.

You will be sent a reminder one month and then one week prior to renewal so you can cancel your membership if you do not want to continue.


To join BWC please complete the following form: