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Our purpose

The Brisbane Women’s Club (“BWC”) is a centre for Brisbane and Queensland women to exercise progressive leadership around issues of public importance for women, to support projects and organisations aimed at improving the lives of women, and to mentor and guide younger women to achieve equal participation in the social, cultural, political and economic arenas of Australian life.

The BWC aims to bring together a diverse group of professional women in Brisbane and South East Queensland. Being a part of BWC provides an opportunity to actively get involved in activities and events which have benefits for women and which are of great interest to BWC members, to extend professional and personal networks with like-minded women, and to be part of an organisation that speaks out on behalf of women.

We are a not for profit. All proceeds from our events go to charities operating in this space in Brisbane and Queensland, or as part of our ongoing grants program.

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“The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new.”



 The Brisbane Women’s Club was founded in 1908 by Margaret Ogg, an extraordinary women with a passion to improve the lives of Queensland women. Operating continuously for more than 107 years, from its inception the BWC has had a strong social justice purpose. The BWC was a key fundraiser and driver of the establishment of Women’s College at UQ, actively campaigned for the pension and support for single mothers and today, and financially supports a range of organisations, projects and activities that empower, educate and enable women to achieve their potential.

Our Board

Our board is made up of a group of professional, hard-working and exceptional women who give freely of their time and energies to contribute their skills to the organisation.

Charitable Grants Program

The Brisbane Women’s Club Charitable Grants Program was designed to support and advance the role of women in our community and the wider world, supporting women’s initiatives surrounding education, social issues and health. The Charitable Grants Program was set up in 2008 following the sale of BWC property and the decision to focus on operating a system of Charitable grants to local Brisbane and Queensland charities.

Today, the Charitable Grants Program remains central to our fundraising program and our ability to distribute proceeds from our events and other activities.

2019 Grants Applications open

Applications extended until 22nd May 2019

08/08/2018 in Articles, News

BWC grant well suited to Brisbane charity

Brisbane charity Suited to Success which helps people one woman’s outfit at a time to overcome barriers to employment has received a grant for $10,000 from the Brisbane Women’s Club... Read More
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On changing the world….

“Last week, I was delighted to have the opportunity to mentor a truly wonderful Year 10 student, Mollie. Mollie shadowed me for a few days and rolled her sleeves up to…

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Move to develop financial awareness programs – “a step in the right direction”

A move by the Australian Government to establish an independent body to educate Australians about financial literacy – notably for women, the young and elderly – has been applauded by…

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27/03/2018 in News

The gender gap – why men and unconscious bias need to be part of the conversation

IF women are to make further progress in Queensland to close the gender gap, we have to work to ensure the conversation is inclusive as we openly and honestly look…

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