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20 July 2016          Invest in Yourself – Financial Literacy.

Do you need to learn the basics about how to manage your money? Do you understand super? How to budget to buy a house? Our Director and owner of Bounce Financial, Cara Brett, will join with other financial experts to give you your money to-do list. Proceeds from this event will enable the BWC to take basic financial literacy courses to women in need around Brisbane. Book here!

25 August 2016    Professional Skills: Networking and Negotiating

Do you find it hard to find the right words? Struggle to get the outcomes you want? Hate networking events but feel passionate about connecting to people? Part 2 of our hugely popular professional skills series is for you! This will be a lively and experiential session lead by women who have lived and practiced the art of making good connections.  Refine your skills and meet some wonderful women at the same time. Book now!

Drinks with Shannon Fentiman

June 2016

Thank you all for coming last night to the wonderful Clovely Cellar Door in Red Hill to meet with Shannon Fentiman, MP and to talk about the Queensland Women’s Strategy for 2016-21. The evening was lively, sophisticated and raised a number of insightful and meaningful discussions around the Government’s approach and work with women. Thank you to Shannon Fentiman for her honest and passionate advocacy and to Clovely for their wonderful hospitality.

Professional Development: Your professional brand

April 2016

What a powerful event! We were thrilled to welcome 110 women at PwC to talk about branding – how to maximise your personal and professional brand, reputation and image. The evening was packed with insights from our expert panel and the discussion was real, impactful and relevant to all in the room regardless of age or professional background. With thanks to our speakers and PricewaterhouseCoopers for their generous support. Look forward to Part 2!

Our purpose

The Brisbane Women’s Club is a centre for Brisbane and Queensland women to exercise progressive leadership around issues of public importance for women, to support projects and organisations aimed at improving the lives of women, and to mentor and guide younger women to achieve equal participation in the social, cultural, political and economic arenas of Australian life.

The Club aims to bring together a diverse group of professional women in Brisbane and South East Queensland. Being a part of Brisbane Women’s Club is an opportunity to actively get involved in activities and events which have benefits for women and which are of great interest to Brisbane Women’s Club members, to extend professional and personal networks with like-minded women, and to be part of an organisation that speaks out on behalf of women.

We are a not for profit. All proceeds from our events go to charities operating in this space in Brisbane and Queensland, or to the Brisbane Women’s Club Charitable Trust as part of our ongoing grants program.

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“The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new.”



 The Brisbane Women’s Club was founded in 1908 by Margaret Ogg, an extraordinary women with a passion to improve the lives of Queensland women. Operating continuously for more than 107 years, from its inception the Club has had a strong social justice purpose. The Club was a key fundraiser and driver of the establishment of Women’s College at UQ, actively campaigned for the pension and support for single mothers and today, through its Charitable Trust donations, financially supports a range organisations, projects and activities empower, educate and enable women to achieve their potential.

Our Board

Our board is made up of a group of professional, hard-working and exceptional women who give freely of their time and energies to contribute their skills to the Club. We welcome members who want to contribute to the Club and its projects. Please get in touch if you would like to be part of the Club committee.

Charitable trust

The Brisbane Women’s Club Charitable Trust was designed to support and advance the role of women in our community and the wider world, supporting women’s initiatives surrounding education, social issues and health. The Charitable Trust was set up in 2008 following the sale of Club property and the decision to focus on operating a system of Charitable grants to local Brisbane and Queensland charities.

Today, the Charitable Trust remains central to our fundraising program and our ability to distribute proceeds from our events and other activities.

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